Schedule Your Boiler and Furnace Tune-Up Today

Schedule Your Boiler and Furnace Tune-Up Today

October 1, 2019

Have you scheduled your seasonal tune-up for your boiler and furnace yet? This regular maintenance is essential to the operation of your heating system. It will help produce optimal performance and reduce the need for future boiler and furnace repair in Taylor, MI.

If you’re debating whether to skip this tune-up, consider the following advantages of this important service call. You’ll discover that it’s well worth the minor investment for the major benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency: When your heating system is well tuned, it operates more efficiently. During the tune-up, the technician will clean your boiler and furnace and make sure everything is running as it should. As a result, you’ll enjoy better operation and more comfortable surroundings.
  • Reduced utility bills: When your system runs efficiently, it doesn’t have to work as hard or as much. This means reduced utility costs. You’ll enjoy having a few extra dollars this winter that you didn’t have to spend on your heating bill.
  • Improved safety: A tune-up should include a safety check of your furnace and boiler. This service will ensure that the system does not have any carbon monoxide leaks or pose any other potential hazards such as fire. With your tune-up complete, you can rest easy as you operate your system this winter.
  • Fewer repairs: If issues are not discovered early or prevented with ongoing service maintenance, they often become expensive repairs. Regular tune-ups minimize the likelihood that you will need any major boiler and furnace repair in Taylor, MI.
  • Increased convenience: No one wants to be without heat when sub-zero weather hits. Go ahead and get your inspection and service done before that happens. You’ll avoid the inconvenience of freezing temperatures in your home and paying emergency service costs.

What’s included in a boiler and furnace tune-up?

Curious to know what all is included in your tune-up appointment? Our technicians will take care of the following tasks:

  • Cleaning: The technician will remove the dust and grime that inevitably builds up in your system and can affect performance.
  • Safety inspection: Your furnace expert will check for carbon monoxide leaks and any other possible safety hazards.
  • Electrical maintenance: The technician will check electrical connections for secure fittings and proper functioning.
  • Airflow testing: It’s important that your system achieves proper airflow for efficient operation, so the technician will test this and can make any adjustments needed for improvement.
  • Drain check: If the system features a condensate heat system, the technician will also check the drain.
  • Oil connection inspection: The technician will inspect burner combustion, pressure and oil connections to ensure everything is operating properly with your furnace and boiler system.
  • Leak check: The tune-up will also include a check of your flues, vents and ductwork, to ensure you’re not losing any heating efficiency through these components.

Schedule your tune-up today

Kaltec Heating & Cooling has been servicing air conditioners, furnaces and boilers since the early 2000s. Our expert technicians provide installation, repairs, cleaning and tune-ups. We don’t believe in cutting corners with your heating and cooling—we believe in cutting your heating and cooling bill! Contact us today to schedule your next tune-up, and discover why we are the go-to source for boiler and furnace repair in Taylor, MI.

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