How Can I Tell if My Air Conditioning is Working Properly? Info About Air Conditioner Repair in Taylor, MI

How Can I Tell if My Air Conditioning is Working Properly? Info About Air Conditioner Repair in Taylor, MI

May 2, 2019

May has arrived, meaning summer is just around the corner. With summer comes warmer weather and a greater reliance on air conditioning.

There’s nothing better than stepping into a cool air-conditioned house after a long day in the heat and humidity. However, if your home isn’t cooling properly, you’ll be hard-pressed to get the relief you so desperately crave when you come inside from the muggy summer days.

Before AC season really gets into full swing, it’s a good idea to perform some routine inspections so you can make sure your air conditioning is ready and working properly. Here’s some information about how you can inspect your air conditioner in Taylor, MI.

  • Inspect the filter: This is the first check you should make, as it’s the easiest one. If your unit’s filter is dirty, you’ll have problems with getting the air in your home to cool down, even if the unit is constantly running to try to make up for the dirty filter. Changing the air filter is something you can easily do yourself without having to call for professional assistance, yet it’s a task that most people either forget or neglect to do.
  • Check out your breakers: If you’ve been having any problems with your air conditioner not running as needed, check and make sure the breakers to the unit are flipped on. If the breaker is off, flip it back on and make sure it works as designed. If you keep having issues with the breaker tripping, that’s when you’ll want to call in a professional for repairs.
  • Analyze the drain line: The drain line is another part of your unit you can quickly inspect to make sure it’s in good condition. If you have ice that’s covering the coil or liquid surrounding the line that couldn’t have come from any other source, there’s a good chance you have a refrigerant leak, which will prevent your home from cooling properly. You’ll need to call in a professional to conduct an inspection in this situation.
  • Check the thermostat: Sometimes problems with an air conditioner come down to something as simple as the thermostat needing its batteries replaced. There may be an indicator on the thermostat to let you know if the batteries need to be changed. If you change the batteries and still seem to be having problems communicating with the unit from the thermostat, that’s when you can call in a professional for assistance.
  • Consider the outdoor temperature: Is it even warmer than usual outside? There are some cases in which an extremely hot outdoor temperature can make it difficult for older systems to operate properly, which might make it difficult for you to cool down to your desired temperature inside.

For more information about the steps you can take to ensure your air conditioning works properly this summer, contact us for air conditioner installation in Taylor, MI.

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